The art of fondant wedding cakes

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Last update 18/09/2019

This class is for everyone in the cake industry who wants to create change and add value!

Last year I took flower class in the states that cost $1400 U.S. We were a group of 15 students and to my suprise it was filled with business owners who wanted to make more money with each cake they sold! It was sad to see that they were not where they wanted to be with their business. I am excited to introduce this class to help you make some important changes towards getting those big clients and to work smarter!
Improve your cake designing skills with this customized class just for you and according to your experience. Before the class I will ask you a few questions so that I can prepare and spend time on what you really need to learn. I will share my experience as a cake designer and how I went from selling my cakes for less than $100 to a $3000 minimum on every order within 5 years.
Let me start by advising you on 2 very important things I see all the time. Do not copy someone's work and do not undercharge for your work. You will never be known for your creativity, no matter how good you are. If you copy another designer they will always think of that designer when they see your hard work. Secondly by selling for less you will attract LOTS of sales, but you will be burnt out in 2 years and broke. I learned early on that fondant cakes are not for everyone because they are a luxury item and they should be priced as such. As an entrepreneur, you evaluate the added value you are offering with your product and charge the customer according to it. 
I offer a 1 day class or 2 days spread over two weeks. 
During the 1 day class you will learn the skills you need to cover fondant cakes quickly and beautifully. I will recommend some very important tools, the best petal dust and luster dust on the market and why you should avoid other well known brands. We will look at ganache vs buttercream and different brands of fondant. We will look at dowells wich are often forgotten or OVER USED in cakes. We will discuss delivering your cake and why you should not be afraid of delivery even the most beautiful cake hours away. I will be sharing all I have learned through my experience selling cupcakes in a coffee shop to luxury cakes for royal parties. 
This class will save you lots of money by avoiding costly mistakes as well as add value so you can sell for more. 
In the 2 day class, we will discuss flowers. You will learn how to make rice paste with pantry items and we will discuss the difference between gumpaste flowers and rice paste flowers. Rice paste is becoming very popular around the world and it has added great value to my busines. I will share what I learned through months of testing so you can avoid costly mistakes. As well we will discuss customer service to see if any improvments can be made. And last, we will discuss how to design a cake according to your style. Every designer should be known for their individual style that reflects in each cake rather than following what is on Pinterest.
Looking forward to helping you create change in your life!

To see my work, go to Instagram royalweddingcakesinc

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