Annette Hegel and Deborah Margo – By the bee

Sunday  18 August  2019  3:00 AM    Monday  19 August  2019 2:59 AM
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Last update 20/08/2019

By the bee is an evolving project by collaborating artists Annette Hegel and Deborah Margo. Bringing together scent, sound, light and three-dimensional elements, it is a representation of bumble bee culture. Variations in the size of the sculptures in the installation, shifts in the volume of sound, emerging scent, changing light conditions, and the tactile nature of the plant components, make this work an immersive experience.
In addition to having their individual practices, Annette Hegel and Deborah Margo are collaborating, multidisciplinary visual artists and urban gardeners. Both live in Ottawa. Annette and Deborah work together because of their shared interest in the confluence of art, nature and science. Their practice is also an expression of their strong conviction that artists serve as catalysts for questioning current environmental and technological issues.
Annette and Deborah have worked as an artist team on installations since 2015. They combine contemporary sculpture practices with sound and light technologies as well as living plant matter. Focusing on the plight of pollinators today, their interventions have occupied diverse rural and urban spaces, such as a derelict schoolyard, a meadow, a hotel’s green roof and its interior staircase.

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City Hall Art Gallery
110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Canada
City Hall Art Gallery
110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Canada
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