2019 Tire and Rubber Summit - Driving to the Future

Tuesday  11 June  2019  6:00 PM    Wednesday  12 June  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 13/06/2019

This world-class event will explore the tire and rubber industry’s advances in technology, innovation, regulation and economics through the insights from executives in rubber companies, non-tire manufacturers, rubber compounders, suppliers, auxiliary businesses, and regulators who will discuss rubber industry issues from uniquely Canadian perspective.

Driving to the Future

When it comes to technology, industries across the globe are living through exciting times: autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics… these represent only the technological tip of the iceberg that’s moving through the industries’ waters worldwide. It’s a perpetual technology race and, as ever, tire and rubber manufacturers are staying atop of these trends and raising the bar when it comes to banking on technology, whether it be in the product development, manufacturing processes, supply chain management and all other business aspects.

Read more at https://www.tracanada.ca/events_2/tire_and_rubber_summit_2019.html

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